Eliezer Manor

Eliezer Manor is the President and Founder of Shirat Enterprises Ltd.

Eliezer is experienced in:

  • Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship - founder of many start-up companies in Israel and in the US
  • Nurturing models for start-up hi-tech companies, used in the Israeli successful type of technological incubators, and active board member in several of them
  • Venture Capital - Co-founder of "Mofet" Venture Capital fund in Israel and Global Cayalyst Partners (GCP) Venture Capital in the US (Silicon Valley), as well as  the IVA – Israel VC Association
  • Corporate VC - with Électricité de France and Dow Chemical, in the field of open innovation for identification of advanced Israeli companies with advanced technologies
  • Angel investments in high-tech start-ups
  • Investment Banking - International operations (WJ Hopper)
  • Stock Markets - among the founders and shareholders in EASDAQ
  • Board membership of private and public hi-tech companies
  • Education: M.Sc. in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

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